Ankie van Kasteren (1996, NL) is a Dutch visual artist, based in the Netherlands. She is primarily focusing on the medium photography, but also shifting between moving image, painting, bio design, sculpture and installation art. 
Ankie is concerned with topics such as the healing process of trauma, neurodiversity and human-nature interactions. Within her artistic practise she uses her first-hand experiences to fuel her creative work. Through the lens of her own memories she tries to tackle and overcome difficulties she faces and processes them into ever-evolving art works.

Besides holding cameras, she works hands-on with unconventional materials, and explores uncharted territory making her own handmade mushroom paper from foraged mushrooms, or canvases of home grown mycelium out of coffee grinds. She is not limited to being a creative visionary behind the camera but also works on the other side, posing as a model. Ankie critically interacts and questions her own and her audience‚Äôs behaviours regarding sustainability, domestic/sexual abuse issues, and consumer culture.

She hopes to not only tell her own story, but also invite others to position themselves in the world. Her goal is to open up the discussion revolving stigmatized themes by evoking self-reflection and societal change.

London, Richard Wakefield

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2023 – Ungoing series Intertwined, shown at Paviljoen aan het water, Rotterdam.
2021 – Ungoing series Intertwined, shown at The grey space in the middle, the Hague.
2019 – Series of studio portaits, shown at Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven.

2018 – Sustainable fashion photography series, shown at Duurzaamheidsevent, Sint-Michielsgestel.


2021 – Cockroach collective magazine.
2021 – Portrait, edition of First magazine.
2020 – Ungoing series Probleemkind, Photo Vogue Italy.


2019 – Present Royal Academy of arts, the Hague | Photography degree, undergraduate year.
2015 – 2019 SintLucas, Eindhoven | Photography degree, graduated.